4 years after its release and while its sales are floundering, the fifth-generation Renault Espace inevitably goes through the restyling box. No revolution on the program, but changes in light signature, infotainment and on-board technologies.

No one escapes the restyling, not even when your name is Espace and you are the flagship of the Renault range. But it is clear that the update of the fifth generation of the family crossover only focuses on some slight aesthetic changes.

Small chrome blade at the bottom of the bumper, redesigned rear skid plate and redesigned tailpipes … and that’s it! Or almost since 20 inch rims of the most luxurious Initiale Paris finish are decorated with the Eiffel Tower on each of the branches and the body can be dressed ina new Red Mill├ęsime shade.

Renault Espace 5: very light restyling 6

More tech

The biggest changes are technological. Like many other vehicles, the Space now benefits from LED matrix headlights which allow further lighting by switching from high beam to low beam without blinding oncoming vehicles. This new system also entails a new light signature at the front while the rear light units have also been revised.

The interior also gains in modernity of equipment. The restyled space receives the latest Easy Link infotainment system inaugurated by the Clio, still available through a vertical touch screen with a size of 9.3 inches. Without forgetting, the arrival ofa 10.2-inch fully digital instrumentation panel replacing needle counters, still supported by a head-up display.

Driving aids have also been enhanced with in particular an adaptive cruise control with automatic restart and centering in the traffic lane operating up to 160 km / h. As well as rear detection when exiting the parking lot, active emergency braking or lane departure warning, drowsiness and blind spot detector.

Renault Espace 5: very light restyling 7

Chassis and engines, no changes

For the rest, no change. 4Control steered rear wheels are still there, as are controlled damping, the settings of which have been revised.

The same goes for the engines, still the 1.8 TCe petrol with 225 hp in a 7-speed EDC double-clutch gearbox and the 2.0 Blue dCi Diesel with 160 and 200 hp coupled to the 6-speed EDC gearbox. For the prices, we will have to wait.