This is one of the most anticipated novelties: the Audi A3. The brand with the Rings has worked a lot in recent years on the project of this new generation. But apparently it is paying off.

The new A3 is revealed! Audi to celebrate world premiere of new A3 Sportback at Geneva Motor Show in March. But before that, the German manufacturer sent the fourth generation of its successful model to the island of São Miguel in the Azores archipelago. Some journalists were able to test the sporty compact: it is an S3 version that our colleagues were able to take in hand.

This sporting version has Quattro all-wheel drive. This is one of the reasons Audi insisted on taking journalists on the trail of the Azores Rally.

The big novelty on this Audi A3 is the electro-hydraulic multiplate clutch which is managed by software that has been tuned to provide the A3 with optimum stability and the best possible driving pleasure. In fact, Audi claims that it is in perpetual interaction with adaptive suspension and progressive steering, which allows it to adapt to all driving styles without the driver even noticing.

it reveals itself a little! 6

Technologically advanced

Audi has adapted the electronic torque distribution control for the new A3 and integrated it into the dynamic driving system “Audi Drive Select”. It takes into account the data from the suspension sensors and detects not only the driving behavior, but also the quality of the road. The software associated with the engine and transmission uses this data as a basis to calculate how it should distribute torque in order to make the new S3 the most efficient. Thus, if in normal times all the available torque is directed to the front axle, it can be transferred to the rear wheels if necessary.

Thanks to a complex system, if the front axle struggles to find traction, the clutch will divert the torque almost instantly to the rear wheels. It is therefore possible to end up for a few seconds with an A3 in pure propulsion since this system can send 100% of the torque to the rear axle.

it reveals itself a little! 7

Sportier and more pleasant

But that’s not all. This new A3 is really in search of sportiness and dynamic behavior. At high speed, the program brakes both wheels slightly on the inside of the curve. In this way it is easier to steer and the stability is improved. However even with so many technologies, the new A3 is really sporty and Audi is keen not to make its compact too smooth.

It is therefore possible to manage the intervention of the ESC in three modes, so that it is more or less rapid. This makes it possible to adapt traction and stability according to what the driver wants.

In ESC ON mode, acceleration is stable and is done with as little slippage as possible. By choosing Sport mode, the driver can drift on slippery surfaces such as snow, but in a controlled manner. In ESC OFF mode, the slip is almost unlimited, which allows the Audi A3 to offer more driving pleasure.