Explosive, sensational, explosive, the Elva has no shortage of superlatives! We can not say that this new English, which should have been presented at the Geneva Motor Show last year, and completely devoid of roof windshield and windows, does not find its place in the sports car. and exceptional. A hell of a look anyway! Atypical machine, object of excess and exuberance, this phantasmal tray from the manufacturer of Woking is intended to play the “Ultimate Series” in a very closed universe, at nearly two million euros. And when we talk about power, neurons panic, 815 horsepower for 1148 kg … Enough to grip the steering wheel, put on your helmet (it is recommended), and hope that the imposed facelift will do its job, without deforming the skin of the face over time. La Elva is really alive!

Hyper car tray

There are all the same in this lower world, finally way of speaking, rather in the stratospheres of the exceptional car, frankly incredible Hyper cars … We still manage, after so many years, to be amazed. This singular Englishwoman is obviously part of it, a sort of galactic UFO which would have landed a little by chance on earth … because there! I admit, it’s pretty crazy, surprising even, but madly exciting to get behind the wheel …

We can turn the problem all over the place, far from being a curiosity, yes, it is nevertheless a car, a high-performance sports car, even a McLaren, designed by healthy people whose know-how is fantastic. With a prodigious 4.0-liter V8 of 815 horsepower, or simply 15 hp more than the very spectacular Senna (the block is common), the Elva is destined to be produced in only 149 copies. A small series which obviously makes the object rare and precious but which should have had larger production ambitions. Originally, the brand evoked 399 copies. But hey, you have to sell them! 1.7 million euros the extra toy, that’s a crazy amount!

His philosophy somewhat limits the use, this necessarily makes the few wealthy people in this world reluctant to take the plunge. We also mention a few homologation problems, especially in the United States, in the absence of a windshield. It is not, however, an original object. Ferrari had already made two similar V12 trays a year earlier, aptly named Monza SP1 and Monza SP2 of 810hp.

McLaren Elva test: too fast, his mill is going too strong!

Good to know: anticipate the purchase and resale.

It is possible to know the resale or trade-in value of your vehicle thanks to the auto Turbo rating of your Mclaren Elva, the alternative to the Argus rating.

Some good ideas, a deflector and patents

In the absence of the 2020 Swiss show, we are discovering this McLaren Elva for the first time in Monaco, one of the great sanctuaries of the exceptional automobile. Moreover, his majesty Prince Albert of Monaco, no doubt attracted by this English phenomenon, came to take a closer look. Intrigued by the object, he even climbed aboard to discover a very spartan universe but far from uncomfortable.

We must admit that we proudly exhibit the Elva in front of the Prince’s Palace in the spectacular colors of the Mclaren from the film “Spinout”, driven by a certain Elvis Presley in 66 … This “ultimate series” refers to a surname, that of another manufacturer “Elva cars” with which Bruce McLaren, in the 60s, made the replicas of his very first M1A racing tray …

McLaren Elva test: too fast, his mill is going too strong!

This new car therefore no windshield, no roof, no windows, old fashioned, like a tray that can be used with or without a helmet, two places of choice in fact whose homologation was only possible thanks to an inventive removable deflector, patent pending, located at the front of the driving position and which has the immediate effect, from 50 km / h, of divert air from the passenger compartment. 15 cm of windshield that changes everything.

Fortunately. McLaren also offers a small panoply of protection, especially for the eyes, thanks to special glasses, offered with the car, designed for the American army and its paratroopers. They are especially bulletproof.

It is better because the small stone swung at an unspeakable speed in the corner of the eye by the wheel of a nice vehicle in front of you could very quickly give you the look of a boxer! The carbon helmet, barely 1.5 kg, also offered free of charge, could also be very useful and protect you the quenottes from a possible intruder. Bikers will understand.

McLaren Elva test: too fast, his mill is going too strong!

Like the chassis, the body is made of carbon. The various parts which mark out the 4.61m of the car, 1000 to 3000 braided layers, depending on the use, participate in the slimming regime and ensure rigidity. The hunt for weight has been, as always, for this kind of hyper car, the key word of engineers. We said it, 1.148 kg : a feat (50 kg less than the McLaren Senna, 250 kg less than the Monza SP2). The smallest nut makes its contribution, the pistons in the calipers of the ceramic-carbon brakes are made of titanium and save 500 grams per wheel.

And contrary to what one might think, the seats are not made of leather, but of synthetic material. A unique and registered coating, resistant to any temperature, whether it is hot or cold. The material will not change its attitude over time. A McLaren patent.

Elva thoroughly!

Beautiful weather, but cold and dry … 3 degrees. Winter is still here, even in the south. So, to try this spectacular “so British” tray, you might as well equip yourself from head to toe. No helmet this time, but the famous glasses, a good hat and gloves. The start immediately excites the retina. Smirk of bet. 4.0-liter V8 employs an excited baritone tone. The music, hoarse and serious, puts you in the mood and announces the color …

McLaren Elva test: too fast, his mill is going too strong!

Grrrrrr! it will heat up, or rather heat up the asphalt which has remained too long without the effervescence of the automobile, and of which we can see, on the curves of the Col de Vence, a thin whitish layer that looks like gel … Bouou! Concentration will therefore be required to leave the car and its 815 horsepower on the road. We must admit that in addition, McLaren is playful, the power only passes to the rear wheels. No all-wheel drive, it is not in the tradition of the house.

After a period of adaptation, we understand that the Elva is technically successful: a certain comfort, thanks to an active hydraulic suspension, and peak behavior thanks in particular to a flat bottom. We quickly get a taste for this very special machine! It’s raw, in the English way, brutal even sometimes if the foot of the accelerator is a little too heavy. But what does it send! 800 Nm of torque.

I can easily say that we do not see the end of it because the Elva is so efficient! You have to put your foot on the brake, not to let it go too much, even in the bends, you have constant speed, otherwise beware of the first daisies! The gearbox is responsive, fast, the transmission is automatic with dual clutch and 7 gears. The English icon plays with the limits of the acceptable with a dazzling acceleration: 2.7s to reach 100 km / h … 327 km / h Chrono, which we will obviously have a hard time discovering.

McLaren Elva test: too fast, his mill is going too strong!

Technical characteristics McLaren Elva (2021)

McLaren Elva Technical Sheet
Model tested: McLaren Elva
Dimensions L x W x H 4.611 / 2.125 / 1.088 m
Wheelbase 2,670 m
Min / max trunk volume 50 liters
Unloaded weight 1.148 kg
Engine displacement 8 cylinders in V, biturbo – 3.994 cm3
Power 815 hp at 7,250 rpm
Couple 800 Nm at 5,500 rpm
0 to 100 km / h 2.7 s (200 km / h: 6.7 s)
Max speed 327 km / h
CO2 rate NC
Consumption announced – recorded NC
Malus 2021 NC
Prices from € 1,709,224