It is often said that Ferrari is some kind of toy store for spoiled children who don’t want to grow up! I fully understand this adage. In addition, it falls rather well, because I absolutely do not want to age at all. “Say, Santa Claus? I have been very good this year! Come on, say, a little present under the tree, or rather in the garage? I put on my list, the Ferrari 812 GTS !! »Zzzzzz Zzzzzz« Oh! Coco! Wake up, you’re delusional there! You dream ?” I’m afraid of it, unfortunately … Back to earth. The Italian toy still costs 297,914 euros … Did you say “spoiled children”? I was not enough, obviously. But, Daddy, Mummy, I’m not blaming you. Sworn.

V12 Atmospheric, the Grail

On the other hand, I could quite understand that Santa Claus decided this time to leave his old toy sled and his tired reindeer to use the 812 GTS for the distribution of gifts. This new Ferrari is to date the most powerful convertible on the market. Imagine him with his beautiful white beard in the wind, accelerating at full ball thanks to the 800 thoroughbreds under the hood, in Olympic form! What class with his red coat …

In any case, it would certainly lack discretion because the V12 sings the charge of the light brigade at the top of its lungs, and past 6,000 revolutions / minute, howls like the organs of St. Peter’s in Rome … The melody of happiness. In major mode. A vocalization so characteristic which reaches its apogee at more than 8,900 turns. It makes the harmony of its atmospheric 6.5-liter V12 with 800 horsepower (real), unique in the world. Ferrari, as conductor, has the secret. This GT breathes, prestissimo, mechanical explosiveness thanks to an engine which has not ceased, in reality, to beat since the beginning in the red cars of Maranello.

History, an eternal restart

But still for how long? Ferrari is resisting, still a little, faithful to its sporting tradition: the V12 survives, and us, too, as long as electricity, killer of sound and emotion, will not alter Grand Tourism, transalpine.

Ferrari 812 GTS, my Christmas present 12

In the obligation to meet the imposed standards, Ferrari has however already put its finger in the catch, a first time with the LaFerrari, then a second time, with the V8 of the SF90 Stradale coupe and Spider. Each time, a hybridization, no “zero emission” … It is clear that Edison interfered in the future programs of the Prancing Horse. At least the GTS remains in the nobility for some time yet.

And it took half a century for Ferrari to return to the front-mounted Spider V12. A tradition that began in 1948 with the 166MM and which ended curiously in 1969 with the Daytona Spider, the famous 365 GTS4. There were some exceptions, it’s true, the 550 and 575 Maranello, the 599, the F12 … But they were very small special series, very limited in number, designed almost at the request of wealthy customers. Today, Maranello is reinventing an exceptional convertible, designed on the basis of the Superfast.

Ferrari 812 GTS, my Christmas present 13

Roof retracted in 14 seconds

And to admire the new car with the gaping mouth, we went to Monaco, far from the house of Santa Claus, but an earthly paradise for his business of gifts … The golden pebble of the Cote d’Azur is more seriously one of the last sanctuaries where Ferraris, and more widely supercars, play almost at home. Ferrari has shaped a long and beautiful GT wearing a red dress: a special “Rosso” red for the brand’s 70th anniversary and sprinkled with carbon in strategic places.

Ferrari opted for a retractable hardtop that deploys in 14 seconds, and up to 45 km / h. But to maintain optimum performance, Ferrari has stiffened the chassis by some 75 kg …. A significant overweight but which does not betray the spirit of Grand Tourismespecially when the 6.5-liter V12 puts out so much power. With a total of 1670 kg on the scale, the Ferrari 812 GTS even retains an Athlete’s body, a weight contained for a GT which measures 4.70 m and nearly two meters wide.

Ferrari 812 GTS, my Christmas present 14

Inside, it’s grandiose, and when you take your place at the wheel, all the senses are awakened. With this horizontal plank, as sharp as it is luxurious mixing leather, carbon, aluminum, a steering wheel worthy of a Formula 1, a central counter where the maximum number of laps indicates its pedigree … And when you press the red “start” button, the horses come alive and give you goosebumps ! It is magic.

The madness of atmospheric V12 …

When you ride your hair in the wind with this sleek and capable machine, you have a feeling of power. Nothing can reach you … I admit that I am always amazed by the incredible speed of a Ferrari and the know-how that goes with it. This GT has two faces: ease without excess and mastery to the extreme.

The 812 GTS is particularly efficient: less than 3 seconds, to reach the first 100 km / h; 8.5 seconds for the 200 and then we reach 7th heaven at 340 km / h without getting too excited. It is out of the ordinary.

Ferrari 812 GTS, my Christmas present 15

The goose bumps don’t leave you, neither do the chills, with each acceleration, it’s the ecstasy, the nirvana of the automobile. The V12 delivers this unadulterated cavalry with incredible driving force: torque peaks at 718 Nm. You still have to be very concentrated. You have 800 horsepower in your hands associated with a 7-speed double-clutch gearbox … and on the winding roads of the Nice hinterland, you pick up a lot of speed very quickly … You must therefore know how to stop this GT on time, don’t get too carried away so as not to be caught off guard.

But the 812 GTS has, like the Superfast, some technical artifices essential to the mastery of the car. She has a electric steering, as precise as it is rigorous which allows the front axle to be in the right way while being assisted by rear steering wheels, which help to eliminate understeer.

The GTS is also equipped with ceramic-carbon brakes which, with a significant diameter, 400mm at the front and 360mm at the rear, reassuring in all circumstances … It is also the assurance of having enduring brake maintenance. The GT has an electronic 5.0 SSC differential smart enough to coordinate the behavior of the car … It is even capable with this kind of device and the F1 Track mode of going to use the rubber with force.

Ferrari 812 GTS, my Christmas present 16

So obviously the Ferrari 812 GTS is a model inaccessible to ordinary people … 297,914 euros. To which we must add an overflowing tax system in France, with a penalty of 40,000 euros in 2021! The price of a very nice car. What, even at this price, cool the purchase of some. The penalty is also exploding in France in all categories and for all cars that provide “pleasure”. Do we really need to get there? Not sure.

Technical characteristics Ferrari 812 GTS (2021)

Model tested: Ferrari 812 GTS
Dimensions L x W x H 4.693 / 1.971 / 1.278 m
Wheelbase 2,720 m
Trunk volume 250 liters
Unloaded weight 1.670 kg
Engine displacement 12 cylinders in V, atmospheric – 6,496 cm3
Engine power 800 hp at 8,500 rpm
Couple 718 Nm at 7,000 rpm
0 to 100 km / h 2.9 s
Max speed 340 km / h
Consumption announced 14 l / 100 km (WLTP)
CO2 rate 318 g / km
Malus 2021 40,000 €
Prices from 297.914 €