This is what the prosecution decided against

This is what the prosecution decided against “Sheikha Al Taraks” after the engagement scandal

The Marrakech public prosecutor’s office has decided to follow popular dancer Fatima Zahra, nicknamed “Sheikha Al Taraks”, in the event of her mother’s release, after her involvement in the organization of an engagement party, and her violation of the procedures of health emergency.

The decision to sue “Trax” in a state of liberation sparked controversy and turmoil among social media pioneers, who questioned whether there was any bias in making the decision, given that in other cases of ordinary citizens are prosecuted, which violate a state of health emergency in the event of arrest.

It should be noted that members of the 16th Security Department and local authorities arrested “Sheikha Al Taraks” on Thursday, January 14, during her engagement ceremony at her home in the Riad al-Salam district of the Gueliz district of Marrakech. .

According to data obtained by “Taroudant 24”, the authorities carried out live raids from inside the engagement ceremony in the presence of about forty guests, as well as a popular troupe led by a well-known folk artist. , as all the guests who paid a fine of 300 dirhams before leaving the house concerned were fined.

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