"cubby" Raise concerns "Youth" East side "the government" And he asks for a share "His territory" Of "Investments" New

“Hejira” raises the concerns of “young people” on the east side towards “government” and asks for a share of his “province” for new “investments”

Omar Hujaira, the independent parliamentary representative, from the Oujda region, asked the government an immediate question related to “encouraging investment” in the eastern part and creating investment opportunities, especially after the signing of numerous investment linked to the automotive, aviation and renewable energies fields.

Hejira questioned why the same authorities and regions are benefiting from these new investments, as he said: “On several occasions the Prime Minister and a number of government sectors have warned us to pay attention. in border areas, in particular with unemployment rates, the ceiling of which has exceeded 20%. In addition to the economic constraints suffered by the inhabitants of the east, and the Oujda region in particular, which have been exacerbated and exacerbated in light of the Corona pandemic, and its impact on a number of sectors, including industry and service sectors.

Hejira felt that thanks to the great royal attention he gave to the east side, he has become a more competitive side and has all the necessary skills and abilities, in order to be an important kiss for investors, but we record, on the other hand, with regret and resentment, the lack of support and interest from the government at all times and its symptoms on the direction of public investments and the encouragement of private investments that generate added value and create jobs.

Regarding the above, “Hejira” asked if his “side” would witness in the rest of the life of this government the signing of agreements that support investment, so as to guarantee job creation in the country. ‘Is, especially in the Oujda region? Does the government have a short-term vision to stimulate economic recovery and investment programs in the eastern regions?

"Hejira" raises the concerns of "young people" on the east side towards "government" and asks for a share of his "province" for new "investments" 4

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