Women prefer Buicks 4

What is the favorite car brand of women? In the United States, the answer is surprising. No Mini, no Fiat 500, Americans prefer Buicks.

Which car brand has the highest share of female customers? In Europe, there is a good chance that the Mini or Fiat brands clearly dominate the others on this point. The Fiat 500, Mini and other Audi A1 are a hit with manufacturers who want a small city car with a polished style.

In the United States too, the Mini brand has a large share of female customers, with 53% of female owners. But according to a study relayed by the Detroit Free Press carried out with IHS Markit, another brand comes out on top: Buick, with 54% of female customers.

Unknown in Europe

The Buick brand has not been sold in Europe since the 90s, even if some of its models still have an affiliation with those of Opel. Note that it is especially the Buick SUV type models that would appeal to women.