Why the Toyota GR Yaris is so fun to drive 4

This is what makes the delicious difference between the Toyota GR Yaris and other sporty city cars on the market.

In recent months, Toyota has had a real sporty city car in its catalog. And beware, the Yaris GR is not content to compete with the Ford Fiesta ST and other Hyundai i20 N: unlike the latter, it has a real all-wheel drive in addition to a body specially adapted for sporty driving. Its engine, a turbocharged 1.5-liter three-cylinder, also develops 261 horsepower, almost the power of compact sports cars in the upper segment.

Video of the Yaris GR in total glide

In short, this Yaris GR goes completely beyond the usual framework. And on a wet circuit, its driving offers very different sensations from classic sporty city cars.

Funny sliding

The proof below is this test on the Club de Magny-Cours track, carried out on a circuit with very low grip due to weather conditions. Admittedly, the all-wheel drive does not go as far as that of a Ford Focus RS or a Mercedes-A45 AMG: the Toyota cannot play the true propulsions, limited by the configuration of this transmission (which cannot return more torque to the rear axle than on the front axle in real conditions). But there is really something to have fun and succeed in superb drifts in the wet! Of course, getting it to really move properly requires mastery and a bit of getting used to how to use it.