Why the Porsche Panamera is not about to die 4

The arrival of the Porsche Taycan does not condemn the Panamera to disappearance. On the contrary, it should benefit from a third generation.

Last year, Porsche launched its first electric sedan on the market. The Taycan can compete with the most powerful Panamera in terms of performance (in Turbo S version), and has been selling particularly well since its arrival on the market. What to condemn the classic Panamera? Not really.

Oliver Blume, the boss of Porsche, indeed explains to the English journalists of Autocar that the Panamera has a future. In fact, it’s still the German automaker’s top-of-the-range sedan: bigger, more spacious and more comfortable, it doesn’t quite target the same clientele as the Taycan (although the latter can cost almost as much. ).

There will be a third generation Panamera

This is why Porsche is planning to design a third generation of its Panamera after the end of the current model’s career, which has just gone through the restyling box. This future Panamera could benefit at least from plug-in hybrid versions, or downright from a 100% electric version. Porsche will then have to make sure to differentiate the car sufficiently from its little sister the Taycan.