Why so much hatred towards this old Renault Kangoo? 4

Rather than let this old Renault Kangoo go in peace, this driver lets him die with a certain cruelty.

A priori, the blue Renault Kangoo visible in the video below does not have much time to live. With its worn and discolored body, damaged body panels and broken exhaust, this first-generation MPV in dismal condition looks good for scrap.

Note the few warning lights on the dashboard, the condition of the steering wheel whose airbag is probably no longer likely to deploy for a long time, or the catastrophic failure at the level of the accelerator cable while the vehicle is moving on a motorway, forcing the driver to use cunning to continue driving.

A little relentlessness

It will probably be difficult to pass the technical control with a vehicle in this condition. But we do not know what the author of the video is actually planning with his blue Kangoo. A slow kill before being scrapped, or a complete overhaul?