Why does insurance send an expert before compensation?: Models, tests, reviews and videos 4

An insurance contract covers damage caused by a claim. Before getting there, an assessment of the damage must be made by an expert sent by the insurance company. From what amount does it move?

In which case insurers mandate an expert for a diagnosis? In general, an expert is only mandated to diagnose claims of great magnitude. In other words, an expertise is required for accidents causing accidents. damage of a value greater than or equal to € 3,000. Following a traffic accident, for example, the insurer sends the expert to check the condition of the car. The objective is to determine if the indicated sum is adequate.

During the analysis, the expert may also recommend immediate repair or conservation measures. Thus, the expert does not travel for damage valued between € 1,000 and € 2,000. In these cases, the repair can be carried out by the contractor himself. Then he sends the repair invoices to the insurer. The latter will reimburse the insured according to the terms defined in the insurance contract. On the other hand, the mobilization of an expert is compulsory as part of construction damage insurance or a technological disaster.

What is the role of the expert?

During the expertise, the expert analyzes the facts to discover the culprit and the real causes of the incident. To do this, he asks for precise details of the accident. He then proceeds to diagnose the damaged property. This phase is essential to have an idea on the amount of compensation. Moreover, it is advisable to keep the car as it is so as not to distort the assessment of the damage. Indeed, the expert will define the degree of obsolescence or the extent of the damage according to what he sees. Depending on the case, he will also advise Conservatory measures or some reclamation procedures. It also happens that a car is no longer repairable. In this case, a change of vehicle will be recommended. Note, all the details of the expertise will be entered in a report. The document is given to the insurance company to enable it to offer a proportional compensation. This will depend on the value of the damage suffered, but also on the terms of payment provided for in the contract.

Who can hire an expert?

Most of the time, the mobilization of an expert is decided by the insurance company. However, the insured can request their own expertise in the event of a disagreement. This is the case if the case is brought before a judge. In addition, the offender’s insurance company can also call on a professional to assess the extent of the problem. Thus, it is quite possible to meet several experts during an appraisal following a disaster. Reports will be sent to those who hired them. Importantly, the cost of the expertise is the responsibility of the insured unless the insurance contract provides otherwise.

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