Why are environmentalists only attacking the automobile? 4

On the occasion of the last Monte-Carlo rally, several environmental associations attacked the holding of the rally. But more generally, why these demonstrators always target only automobile events?

Saturday January 23, 2021. At 11 am, demonstrators wait with a firm footing for the competitors of the Monte-Carlo rally 2021, won by Sébastien Ogier a few hours later at the wheel of his Toyota Yaris. Led by the SAPN-FNE05 and Mountain Wilderness associations, the event emphasizes the climate emergency: “we cannot ask people all year round to save energy and let this kind of rally take place. », Explains one of the demonstrators.

In general, motorsport is a usual target for these demonstrators, whether it be circuit events or rallies. But if the objective is really to fight against unnecessary energy expenditure, why would they focus only on automotive events?

Are there good and bad polluting hobbies?

Organizing an event like the Monte-Carlo rally pollutes and generates CO2, it is impossible to say the opposite. But in such an event with an international dimension, this pollution is mainly explained by the logistics put in place and the necessary movements of people and equipment. The consumption of dozens of rally cars entered in the event only constitutes a negligible part of this pollution.

Recalling such evidence is the obvious one could not be more trivial. But it is clear that the automobile is more than ever the almost unique target of activists wishing to protect the planet from our energy-intensive lifestyles. We always see fewer demonstrations in front of football stadiums and other major sporting events of all disciplines, even if they generate greater pollution than the famous Monte-Carlo rally. More generally, the largest gatherings in our cultural and social life, which also involve the movement of people (and therefore pollution), seem less often in the eye of the cyclone (admittedly, these have almost disappeared since the crisis. coronavirus). But even if it means actually wanting to work for real lifestyle changes in a logic of lower energy consumption (and therefore human activity in the broad sense), continuing to let off steam mainly on the car is really enough to get things done?