Replaced in 2019 and officially shelved a year ago, the Renault Clio IV has been a resounding success during its career. As a result, copies abound on the second-hand market.

Ah, the Renault Clio IV. Equipped with improved engines compared to the old version as well as a new 3-cylinder turbo gasoline, the French compact has bet on extremely low theoretical consumption. Compared to the Clio III, it loses up to a hundred pounds despite a slightly longer length.

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As a reminder, the fourth generation city car was designed by the team of Laurens Van den Acker and is inspired by the DeZir concept of 2010.

Used Clio IV galore!

After having undergone a first facelift, the Clio IV continued its career one more year alongside the fifth generation with the over-equipped “Generation” finish.

The Renault Clio IVs sold well, which is why it is ubiquitous on the second-hand market. It is possible to find an over-equipped and low-mileage copy for less than € 12,500. Models with many flying hours will be below the symbolic € 10,000 mark.

Practical and well thought out, the Clio IV remains an excellent choice to be the second car of a household or for a young person wishing to offer his first “car”.

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