Do you want to buy a Renault Clio? Very well, it will still be necessary to choose the engine, the finish and the interior equipment.

Launched on the market in 2019, the fifth generation Renault Clio faces stiff competition. The last Peugeot 208, which arrived at the same time, stings a lot of customers in France and Europe thanks to its more aggressive exterior styling. Volkswagen die-hards still prefer the Polo, while fans of lightweight hybrids love the all-new Toyota Yaris.

If the sober and modern design of the city car of the diamond brand still retains your preference, the Clio offers many versions in its catalog, in gasoline as in hybrid. The diesel versions should also return to the range within a few days: on April 1, 2021, it is no longer possible to order a new Clio with a diesel unit.

From € 15,300 to € 28,900

The entry-level Renault Clio starts at € 15,300 with a Life finish, equipped with the small 65-horsepower SCe petrol engine mated to a five-speed manual gearbox. By way of comparison, the cheapest Peugeot 208 asks for € 16,000 in the Like version with a 75 horsepower petrol unit. At this price, the Clio offers neither real alloy rims, nor air conditioning. The center console even displays a large hole instead of the usual on-board computer.

To benefit from a less spartan interior, you have to upgrade to the Zen finish (17,800 €) which notably adds a 7-inch on-board computer, manual air conditioning and 16-inch rims with a more opulent look. At € 28,900, the Initiale Paris finish deploys the best of Renault’s interior trim: with its large 9.5-inch touch screen as standard, its pretty flexible surfaces all over the cabin and its E- hybrid engine. Tech 140 standard horsepower, it plays the premium city cars and competes without problem with an Audi A1 in the register of perceived quality and technological equipment.

On the engine side, the small 65 horsepower petrol unit with low finishes will clearly not be enough for heavy riders. Offered at € 19,050 with a Zen finish, the 90-horsepower TCe (six-speed manual gearbox) will allow you to get out of town with greater ease. For the most demanding, the all new TCe 140 horsepower with manual transmission (23,200 € in Intens finish) is essential. Those who prefer the automatic gearbox will fall back on the 140 horsepower E-Tech hybrid from 23,400 € in Zen finish, or 25,800 € in Intens finish. Unless you only drive on the motorway, the ease of use provided by the hybrid engine in traffic jams and the savings in fuel consumption will make the difference. Finally, it should be remembered that unlike the previous fourth generation Clio, the current Clio does not have a sporty RS version. There will therefore be nothing above the 140 horsepower Clio TCe with an RS Line finish (€ 24,400).