Seduced by the aggressive styling of the Peugeot 208? All that remains is to choose the right engine and finish.

The second generation Peugeot 208 is a big commercial success for the lion brand. It has just dethroned the Renault Clio both in France and in Europe, aided by its daring design and very aggressive silhouette which hit the mark with customers. It must be admitted that in the category of city cars, it is one of the most desirable models.

But as for all its direct rivals, it will unfortunately be necessary to go through the high finishes and the options to see it under its best profile. The entry-level Like, offered at € 16,000, is indeed equipped with rather spartan equipment: it fortunately has manual air conditioning, unlike the first price Clio Life. On the other hand, like the latter, it ignores the real rims, with simple hubcaps on 15-inch steel wheels. Unlike the Clio, it is also content with halogen optics at the front at the entry level. Under the hood, this Peugeot first prize will give you access to a 75 horsepower petrol engine mated to a five-speed manual gearbox. Always better than the Clio Life at 15,300 € and its small block of 65 horsepower.

Same problem inside

Like the Clio, it is especially the interior presentation that fishes at the entry level. The 208 Like indeed has a very small radio screen on its central console, even if the rendering is still less shocking than on board its entry-level rival Renault. The famous virtual dashboard is also absent subscribers, as are the pretty foamed finishes.

At 17,700 €, the Active finish fortunately adds an on-board computer to the much more aesthetic touch screen, as well as the Apple Carplay and Android Auto functions. The Style finish at € 18,750 takes advantage of real rims (16 inches) and LED daytime running lights to improve, as the name suggests, the style. But to benefit from Peugeot’s 100% digital i-Cockpit as well as the larger screen of the standard on-board computer, you have to switch to the top-of-the-range GT finish at € 23,600 which also includes 100% LED optics.

On the engine side, the Peugeot 208 offers a wider range than the Clio: in addition to the small gasoline engine of 75 horsepower at the entry level, it also has a 100 horsepower diesel unit (from € 18,700 in Like finish) . From the Style finish, a 100 horsepower petrol engine is added to the price of € 19,950 (or € 21,650 in automatic gearbox). For those who want an even more powerful engine, it will be necessary to switch to the top-of-the-range GT finish with the 130 horsepower petrol unit at 27,200 €. Finally, the e-208 can carry a 136 horsepower electric motor from the Active finish (€ 32,700), with an ecological bonus of € 7,000 until July 1, 2021. As for the Clio, there is no version. really sporty in the range.