The German brand with the 4 rings produced in 2020 nearly 1.65 million vehicles despite the pandemic. Find out which are the most produced models in the world.

The hierarchy of the most produced vehicles at Audi has changed: exit the A4 sedan, the brand’s flagship model downgraded to 3rd position, make way for the Audi Q5!

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With an always wide range, let’s discover together which models are among the top 10 most produced vehicles by the German brand.

The SUV that goes back to the top

With a sharp decline in global automotive production last year, due in particular to the crisis generated by the Covid-19 but also the semiconductor shortage, car manufacturers have seen their production strongly impacted.

Within the Volkswagen group, Audi is one of the brands having best withstood this difficult year. The manufacturer nevertheless produced 7.6% fewer vehicles compared to 2019, ie 1,655,921 units. With all of its vehicles on offer, some stand out more than others, such as SUVs, which are rising in the rankings. Sedans fell in the overall ranking, like the Audi A4, for example, which lost its place on the podium, with a drop in production of around – 24.8% (243,566 Audi A4 produced in 2020 against 323,387 in 2019).

In its place, we find the high-end SUV of the brand with the rings, the Audi Q5 which climbs on the podium. It was produced at 275,888 units in 2020, against 286,365 in 2019, a very slight decrease of – 3.8%.

The only models that were produced in greater numbers than in 2019 are the SUVs: we find the Q3 in 4th position with 219,662 units (+ 12.3%) and the Q7 in 7th position with 65,574 units (+ 3.2%).

Finally, we can note that the Audi e-tron, the 100% electric car made by Audi, is the 10th most produced car by the manufacturer in 2020 with 43,157 units (– 0.5%).

Top 10 most produced Audi in the world in 2020

  1. Audi Q5: 275,888 units produced in 2020 (-3.80%)
  2. Audi A6: 271 679 units produced in 2020 (+ 16.80%)
  3. Audi A4: 243,566 units produced in 2020 (-24.80%)
  4. Audi Q3: 219,662 units produced in 2020 (+ 12.30%)
  5. Audi A3: 206,482 units produced in 2020 (-14.20%)
  6. Audi Q2:124,346 units produced in 2020 (-4.60%)
  7. Audi Q7: 65,574 units produced in 2020 (+ 3.20%)
  8. Audi A1: 62,099 units produced in 2020 (-23.50%)
  9. Audi A5: 56,786 units produced in 2020 (-39.80%)
  10. Audi e-tron: 43,157 units produced (-0.50%)

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