When the truck takes its turn, the motorists toast 4

When the load of the truck extends far beyond the rear of the trailer, even the slightest turn can have catastrophic consequences.

It must be admitted that among the various trades, that of truck driver is not among the simplest and most relaxing professions. Managing a long truck like a municipal swimming pool in traffic is enough to give the calmest driver a cold sweat.

And sometimes things go wrong. Especially when the truck driver has to maneuver a load of exceptional length, which protrudes from his trailer as in this video. Here, a long tree trunk protrudes several meters from the rear. And when the truck turns to the left at the green light in a large intersection, guess what is scratching the entire side of the next pick-up …

Large all-over stripe

Unsurprisingly, the driver of the pickup only moderately appreciates the small scratch left on his car by the truck. He therefore hastens to follow the truck to catch up with its driver, who has probably seen nothing from his driving position.