When the truck reverses blind, it hurts 4

We still wonder if the observers of the scene could not have intervened to avoid this stupid accident.

This scene comes to us from the city of Sayville in the United States, in the state of New York. It is filmed by a motorist stopped in his car, who contemplates a scene with a predictable outcome: a few meters away, a large truck is reversing.

The driver of the truck obviously does not have a rear view camera or radar, as he does not seem to detect the presence of the large white Chevrolet SUV behind his load. It therefore continues to move backwards until its chassis comes to rub against the rear door of the SUV.

The catastrophe

But there, the driver still does not realize that he is hitting another vehicle. He therefore continued to reverse, destroying the window of the SUV and seriously damaging the vehicle. But perhaps a well-felt honk from the observer would have alerted the truck driver …