When the truck brakes give up, it's safe who can 4

With half a second, this employee ended his life crushed in his small office by a truck without brakes.

The trucks are heavy. Up to over forty tonnes for the largest semi-trailers on our roads, more than twenty times the weight of a car. Suffice to say that it takes solid brakes to properly stop these monstrous machines, with a little more than conventional automobile disc brakes.

This is why these trucks are equipped with air brakes, the size and mechanism of which are compatible with their very high mass. But when those brakes fail, it’s a big panic.

Narrowly saved

Watch this sequence, filmed from a CCTV camera overlooking the entrance to an industrial complex. While backing up, a large truck loses its brakes. He backs up straight to a small checkpoint where an employee is located. The latter barely has time to get out before his office is run over by the trailer. It was really very close …