When the Tesla update, it looks like science fiction 4

You can’t help but think of Skynet and the Terminator Prophecy as you watch all of those Tesla update at the same time.

We are in 2021 and no one would dare say today that Elon Musk was wrong. While many bet on the fall of Tesla a few years ago, everyone agrees that the big boss of the American manufacturer has won his bet on the electric car. Not only did he become the richest man in the world thanks to Tesla’s monstrous market capitalization, but he also helped to change the entire global automotive landscape.

Tesla Big Update Video

Among Tesla’s excellent ideas, there was in particular this system of automatic updates, installed by wi-fi in cars without having to go through a garage again. The cars therefore update themselves, and start flashing headlights to signify the end of the installation of these updates.

Crowd movement

So when this update is installed simultaneously on all Tesla stored in a storage car park, awaiting delivery, it gives a great ballet of perfectly synchronized light. Seen from the outside, it is quite impressive.