When automotive journalists have fun with test cars, it is the press services concerned that get stressed.

Automotive journalists must, as their profession suggests, test cars. These tests can put the vehicle to the test in all possible conditions, including sporty driving, to check the qualities and dynamic limits of these cars. All the more so when it comes to vehicles with a sporting vocation.

This is why for decades automotive journalists have sometimes put test vehicles in extreme conditions. And as you can imagine, it can happen that one of these test vehicles experiences too much mechanical stress. Given the value of certain models, manufacturers are constantly worried about finding their vehicles damaged after a press test. So we can imagine that the mere sight of this photo published by the English journalist Chris Harris, current presenter of the BBC’s Top Gear show, caused a cold sweat among the affected Porsche employees.

An old memory

This is an image showing a restyled first generation Porsche Cayenne, which therefore dates from 2007, 2008, 2009 or 2010. In commentary, Chris Harris remembers: “ what an incredible day it was! “. All four wheels are in the air and you can’t even see the ground. And as the famous quote says, ” the hardest part is not the fall, it is the landing “. In this case, we would be curious to know if the Cayenne landed in any delicacy after this nice flight.