When suddenly the Toyota flies away in front of the police 4

Prepare for a seven-minute police chase of rare intensity.

Everyone has seen one of these spectacular chases. In the United States, when the police chase a fugitive, the images are always very impressive. And this is again the case in this footage released by law enforcement in Florida a few days ago, showing a black Toyota Camry trying by all means to escape the local police.

The Japanese family sedan darkens, burns the red lights and does not hesitate to cross the road by driving against the direction. Its driver seems to show good skill behind the wheel, as he negotiates turns at high speed without the slightest hitch.

The jump too much

But as the black sedan speeds down a long straight line, it crosses an intersection. Except that the fugitive had not seen the big bump on the intersection, which sends the Toyota into the air before it falls heavily on the road. The driver will then fail to catch up with her, ending up in the nearby forest in a barrel. He and his accomplices will try to hide in the bushes, in vain …