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The role of the fan is to prevent the car from overheating. It is triggered automatically as soon as the engine starts to heat up.

The fan of a car is an integral part of the Cooling system from the engine compartment. It is usually located at the base of the radiator. Its main function is toavoid engine overheating. When the coolant temperature reaches 90 ° C, the fan is switched on automatically. It will start spinning faster when the temperature is around 100 ° C. This mainly concerns cars with double contact thermal switches. To fulfill this role, the ventilator relies on the measure taken by a probe in contact with liquid. If the temperature exceeds the prescribed limit, the device will suck in the outside air to cool it and at the same time lower the engine temperature. Thus, it is an essential part for the proper functioning of the car. Its condition should be checked to avoid possible problems. It may happen that the fan does not come on. On the other hand, it can also be triggered too early. When one of these cases occurs, a check must be carried out at a garage.

What happens when the fan is out of order?

Failure of the fan can cause many problems:

  • Since its role is to cool the car, the first consequence of a failed fan is the engine overheating. If this happens, an emergency stop is recommended to avoid a more serious problem. In fact, a temperature exceeding 120 ° C could damage the engine. Depending on the case, repair or replacement of damaged parts may be necessary. In all cases, the operation may be particularly expensive. Thus, it is advisable to wait for the engine compartment to cool before resuming the road. However, it is recommended that you hire a mechanic to prevent the problems from getting worse. A quick check should be made to repair the fan or replace it as appropriate.
  • The other consequences concern the cooling liquid. Either it changes color or it shows an abnormal texture. It must be changed quickly in these cases.
  • A failed auto fan can also cause abnormal consumption of coolant. He quickly finds himself at a very low level. Faced with this kind of situation, it is also recommended to go to the nearest garage. Before hitting the road, you still need to fill the expansion tank. This is imperative to prevent the engine from overheating.

To recognize an overheated car engine, you must monitor the temperature gauge. It will increase significantly. As soon as this happens, the coolant sight glass should be checked. If it comes on, an emergency stop is advised.

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