When burnout turns into disaster in a Mercedes C 63 AMG 4

To celebrate a wedding, a man driving a Mercedes-AMG C63 Coupé attempted a burn to impress the guests. Problem, he did not know how to do and his car caught fire.

Burning out on a public road is never a good idea, especially on a street crowded with passers-by. It’s easy to get out of control – we’ve seen a lot of videos go wrong at some gatherings before. In Sydney, Australia, the owner of a Mercedes-AMG C63 attempted a burn to wow the gallery at a wedding. Yes, he tried. But he did not succeed.

In a video shared on social networks, the driver of the AMG C63 repeatedly attempts to smoke his tires. It turns out the inexperienced driver made a rookie mistake: he left the ESP on. So the rear wheels refused to slip. Refusing to give up, the owner persists and continues to try to burn rubber in front of the crowd. Eventually, smoke begins to come out … but not from the rear tires. A few seconds later, the sports sedan ignites.

The drama

For the moment, impossible to confirm what really happened. But we imagine that the transmission overheated after a few seconds of abuse by the driver.

Fortunately, the driver and his two passengers escape from the burning car in time. No one was injured in the incident, but the Mercedes-AMG C63 could not be saved by firefighters. The fire also damaged the road.

When emergency services arrived, he said the car “caught fire while he was driving due to a mechanical failure.” Unfortunately for him, the entire incident was caught on camera and shared on social media. This made it easy for the police to find the images to be charged. Law enforcement caught up with him, and he now faces dangerous driving and neglect charges. He will even have to appear in court in March to answer for his actions.