The BMW M4 has many qualities. However, the Bavarian is criticized for its spectacular grille. The preparer Avante corrected this nonsense for purists …

Lovers of the BMW brand strangled when the new M3 and M4 were presented last fall. Bavarians are more athletic and lively than ever. But there is a big catch which sits, for some, like a wart on a nose.

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The new generation indeed presents a giant grille. Some backbiters do not hesitate to compare the vents with the incisors of a rodent. Compared to previous models, it is clear that the metamorphosis is radical.

A more traditional but elegant BMW M4

The Avante preparer has however chosen to take matters into its own hands. The M4 thus receives a new body kit allowing to reduce copiously the grille, but also to widen the wings of the beast.

Not only the behemma present a more conventional face, let’s put it that way, but it is now … 18 centimeters wider! A large rear spoiler also sits on the boot. The front cover has also been redesigned. Enough to give a very typical competition look to the German who seems ready to swallow the asphalt!

So far, the M4 by Avante only exists digitally. But the tuner has already promised a marketing which will arrive very soon.

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