When a Renault Mégane creates carnage on the road 4

It is difficult to understand how the driver of this Renault Megane could put himself in this position.

The video below is filmed from the passenger seat of a car traveling on a country road, possibly in France. It follows a red Ford Fiesta, a gray Audi A3 and a black Volkswagen Golf with ultra-tinted windows, which leads us to believe that they may be friends who took their cars for a ride.

The procession performs rather strange movements, slaloming on the road for no apparent reason. Then, all of a sudden, a beige Renault Mégane appears in the left lane. And there, things take a catastrophic turn.

A monumental crash

The driver of the Mégane literally loses control of his French compact, which crashes violently against the low wall on the side of the road. But how did he end up in such a situation? Did he pull the handbrake or just rock the car a little too much? Mystery…