With the Q9, Audi will attack the gigantic BMW X7 and Mercedes GLS.

Audi already has two full-size SUVs in its range, the Q7 and the Q8. While the Q8 plays four-door coupes like the Mercedes GLE Coupé and the BMW X6, the Q7 can already carry up to seven occupants thanks to its two additional seats in the trunk (optional).

But this is not enough to reach the level of the two behemoths in luxury SUVs, the BMW X7 and the Mercedes GLS. In terms of dimensions and space on board, these two XXL SUVs exceed the Q7 quite widely. This is why the brand with the rings is currently working on an ultra-high-end Q9, positioned above the Q7 and Q8.

A beautiful SUV?

So, what will this future Audi Q9 look like? Sugar Design tries to answer this question by virtually imagining the beast. Inspired by the Q8 in terms of the grille and the design of the front face, it seems much clumsy in appearance than the current Q7. So, would it be to your liking if it looked like this?