What will the future Suzuki Jimny long be used for? 4

Like the Jeep Wrangler or the Land Rover Defender, the world’s smallest off-roader will receive a long version. It remains to be seen whether the penalty will allow it to be marketed in France.

Currently, the Suzuki Jimny only exists in a three-door version. Since this year, it even has only two seats inside: because of a crippling ecological penalty, the four-seat version has simply disappeared from Suzuki’s French catalog. This crisp little machine, which costs 20,490 €, should indeed dispense with a penalty of nearly 6,000 € in manual gearbox and more than 14,000 € if it does not fall into the category of vehicles. two-seater light utility vehicles!

What future for the Suzuki Jimny long?

As it turns out, Suzuki is currently working on a long frame Jimny. The images below indeed show the beast in full test on the roads, with a wheelbase much more generous than that of the current three-door version. But it is not known whether the machine will be able to reach Europe: as for the three-door version, it is the limitation of CO2 to 95g / km on average per brand range that poses a problem. With its 178 g / km, the three-door version already exploded Suzuki’s quotas. The long version, designed primarily for markets with less severe restrictions such as India, therefore also seems doomed to a light utility homologation in Europe. However, the usefulness of a two-seater four-door Jimny seems limited …