What will happen to this Lamborghini taken by the gendarmes at 224 km / h? 4

Taken from its owner, the beautiful Italian supercar was impounded on a classic tow truck.

The controls of the gendarmerie do not weaken in this period of the coronavirus crisis, in particular those relating to the speed on the motorways of France. Around Grasse and Nice, officials have just carried out numerous checks on the A8 motorway, resulting in several license suspensions and vehicle impoundments.

Among these vehicles, it is impossible not to notice the very beautiful white Lamborghini Aventador S intercepted by the gendarmes at a speed of 224 km / h (remember that the latter can exceed 350 km / h at top speed). The gendarmerie does not specify whether its driver was of French nationality. In all cases, the latter saw his driver’s license suspended and the vehicle was impounded, using a conventional tow truck if we are based on the photo published by the gendarmes.

Confiscated permanently?

It remains to be seen what will happen to the Lamborghini: if the driver was French and owner of the car, in theory he can have his Aventador confiscated permanently. Now he will need a good lawyer to avoid that …