What to choose between a manual gearbox and an automatic gearbox?: Models, reviews, reviews and videos 4

For all motorists, the same question arises when buying a car: manual or automatic gearbox? To facilitate the choice, it is necessary to know the advantages and disadvantages of each of these options.

Cars equipped with an automatic gearbox are becoming more and more common. They are taking the place long acquired by models with a manual transmission. There are several reasons for this trend. Indeed, automatic cars are very practical, especially in urban areas. They ignore the clutch. The pedal is completely removed from the passenger compartment. As a result, it becomes easier to deal with complicated starts. In addition, the driver no longer takes care of changing gears. The car takes care of revving up or downshifting depending on the pressure exerted by the driver on the accelerator. So the driving is less stressful in traffic jams. Maintaining the steering wheel is more important since it is no longer useful to constantly change gear. In addition, automatic transmissions are known to be reliable.

On the other hand, vehicles equipped with this type of system consume energy. The more fuel consumption than that of classic cars. In addition, the vehicle’s brake pads can wear out quickly if the gearbox does not have a manual position. In addition, the purchase price is expensive, not to mention the relatively expensive maintenance cost depending on the model.

The advantages of a manual gearbox

As for the cars equipped with manual gearbox, they are the most numerous on the roads. The box can be four, five or six gears. Changing gears requires the intervention of the driver. To do this, he must depress the clutch pedal and operate the lever. Moreover, this is one of the most important constraints of a manual gearbox. The motorist must play on the clutch and the gear lever to go up or downshift. In addition, its learning is more complex. However, it allows you to benefit from many advantages:

  • Manual transmissions are very popular in the market. If there is a problem, it is easy to find it. In addition, they are offered at a lower price than automatic models.
  • Repairing a manual gearbox is easier. Therefore, the intervention remains less expensive.
  • Fuel consumption can be regulated for a car equipped with manual gear. It is enough to adopt a suitable behavior.
  • For people who are used to driving a manual car, adopting an automatic vehicle is easier. Moreover, experts recommend mastering the driving of a manual car before switching to an automatic gearbox.

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