What is the purchase price of a Fiat 500?: Models, tests, reviews and videos 4

The small city car from the Italian car manufacturer Fiat allows you to walk the streets with ease. Comfortable and practical, the Fiat 500 benefits from modern technologies and a daring design. It has seen a great evolution over the years. Before acquiring one, it is preferable to find out about the prices charged. Zoom.

The legendary Fiat 500 model has been around for several years. It is one of the most practical city cars. Regarding the purchase price of a new Fiat 500, it fluctuates between 15,290 and 34,900 euros. The amount depends particularly on the model chosen as well as its finish. With a CO2 emission rate between 0 and 139 g / km, the Fiat 500 can benefit from an ecological bonus of up to 6,000 euros and a penalty of up to 953 euros. It should be remembered that the ecological bonus-malus system makes it possible to guide buyers towards environmentally friendly cars. The small city car runs on gasoline, diesel or electricity. The choice is wide and varied. The Fiat 500 Pop is the cheapest, and the Fiat 500 La Prima is the most expensive.

Fiat 500 insurance and overhaul

In addition to the basic purchase price, it is also necessary to provide for insurance subscription, vehicle maintenance and taxes. For the insurance, the amount depends on the chosen formula, the type of vehicle (new or used), its mileage, the intended use and the experience of the driver. The lowest price for a Fiat 500 is around 260 euros. For full coverage, however, it can go up to 2,400 euros. This cost is variable. The ideal is to use an online insurance comparator. Regarding the revision of the Fiat 500, it is necessary to foresee on average 156 euros. The model version can influence this cost. It is the same for taxes, the amount always depends on the model of Fiat 500 chosen.

What payment method should you choose to pay for your Fiat 500?

Whether for a new Fiat 500 or a used one, the purchase transaction requires the establishment of a relationship of trust. To ensure that the sale is done properly, there are two types of guaranteed payment:

  • The bank transfer : this method is fast, immediate and above all traceable. The bank transfer is final, the withdrawal in case of non-transfer of the vehicle is difficult.
  • The Bank check : signed and edited by the bank, this check is secure and guarantees that the amount indicated is available in the buyer’s account. The bank cannot refuse to cash this check, no matter what. It is therefore highly recommended for the settlement of large amounts.

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