What is the maximum mileage of a gasoline car?: Models, tests, reviews and videos 4

Opinions are still divided on the maximum mileage for a gasoline car. Some claim that a car that has driven more than 150,000 km is good for scrap, others believe that it can last up to 400,000 km. What is it really?

The likely lifespan of a gasoline car

The lifespan of a car depends on various parameters (driving, geography, climate, frequency of use, choice of engine oil, etc.). But it is quite possible to estimate it approximately and to deduce an average from it. Thus, under normal conditions of use, a gasoline-powered car could travel up to 250,000 km before it starts to deteriorate.

By normal conditions, reference is made to regular use, in town or on the highway, and at a correct speed, in a non-extreme climate, that is to say neither winter cold nor scorching heat. After the milestone of 250,000 km, the vehicle enters a phase of sensitivity, in other words, it ages. As a result, breakdowns happen more often and repair costs skyrocket. This is often when most drivers are looking to get rid of their car. Either this one leaves for a resale at a relatively low price, or it is intended for the breakage.

Factors that impact the lifespan of a car

Neither the lifespan, let alone the maximum mileage of a gasoline car has any absolute value. A car with more than 300,000 km on the odometer may be in better condition than one that has only done 100,000 km. In reality, sustainability is influenced by various factors:

– The make and model of the vehicle: some brands are worth more than others. That’s a fact. Some models are more robust and efficient than others.
– The driver’s way of driving: flexible and smooth driving preserves the general condition of the car better than nervous or sporty driving.
– The frequency and quality of maintenance: as with any other equipment, a car that is well cared for and repaired as soon as the slightest problem appears will do more kilometers. Draining, changing filters, inflating tires, checking parallelism … must be done in accordance with standards and not to wait too long.
– Other factors such as the geographical location: city, countryside or mountain, climate, etc.

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