What is the lifespan of tires and how to preserve them?: Models, tests, reviews and videos 4

When purchasing a new car, the dealer can fill in the estimated tire life, which is how many kilometers the tires can travel. But in reality, this durability depends on the conditions of use and other parameters namely weather, geography, loads carried and many more.

Average tire life in kilometers

You should know that the tires are divided into different categories determining their quality and therefore their lifespan. As a result, premium quality tires have a longer life and used or budget tires need to be replaced more frequently. Taking into account all the factors, the life of a tire in kilometers is between 20,000 and 90,000 kilometers, the average being around 40,000 kilometers.

What are the wear factors of a tire?

The speed of tire wear depends on external factors but also terms of use. These factors are generally:

– The way of driving the car: this is an essential factor. This is because driving has a considerable influence on the durability of the tires. Thus, a nervous or rough driving promotes rapid wear while a cast driving extends the life of the tires.
– The type of road: geography plays an important role in the frequency of tire replacement. Winding and rugged roads in mountainous regions quickly spoil the gums. Places with steep gradients and which follow twists and turns place heavy demands on the wheels and consume much more rubber than straight roads.
– Weather conditions: the variation of the seasons is not without consequences on the condition of the tires. In winter, preference should be given to tires designed to withstand low temperatures. Likewise, prolonged exposure to high heat quickly deteriorates the gum. It is for this reason that it is advisable to replace the tires every 5 years for cars left outdoors even if they do not run often.

How to extend the life of tires?

The tires themselves deteriorate rapidly due to various external factors, but the other elements of the wheel that are in poor condition can also be harmful. For example, valves whose role is to maintain the pressure inside the tire may reduce its life if they are damaged and not replaced in time. It is possible to acquire the various parts concerning the tires from a dealer. To further increase the life of the tires, it is necessary to regularly check the balance wheels to distribute the load evenly and limit the effects of friction at the friction points. These have a direct impact on the condition of the tires, especially for long journeys.

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