What is a car's alternator used for?: Models, reviews, reviews and videos 4

An essential part in the operation of a car, the alternator allows the battery to start the engine. Poorly maintained, it can cause big problems or even lead to a breakdown. From the principle of operation to the frequency of servicing, here is everything you need to know about this auto part.

How does the car alternator work? The car alternator consists of two parts:

The coil
Magnet around which the coil is wound

As soon as the engine starts, the alternator belt engages the coil which will generate electricity. This is then transformed to supply all the mechanisms of the car via the battery. The latter continues to supply the engine components so that they remain under tension. However, as soon as the car is running, the alternator is responsible for producing the electricity necessary for the proper functioning of the entire engine and its accessories. Likewise, it supplies the battery with electricity on every trip.

When to overhaul the car alternator?

It is already obvious that the alternator plays an important role in the proper functioning of the engine and of the vehicle in general. It is thus obvious that it must be maintained as regularly as possible in order to avoid any problem. To know when to service the car’s alternator, all you have to do is consult the vehicle maintenance book.

As a general rule, to make sure everything is working for the best, it is recommended that you overhaul your alternator. every 45,000 km in advance. With some basics of electricity and mechanics, you can do this yourself. You need to take care of a multimeter for this.

What are the risks in the event of an alternator failure?

Here is an overview of what can happen in the event of an alternator failure:

Difficulties starting up. This type of problem is not necessarily due to a defective battery. Indeed, the alternator can also be the cause.
Repair can be quite expensive especially if it must be replaced immediately.

The selling price of this auto part varies between 200 to 650 € depending on the model. Added to this is the cost of labor. You can entrust your repair work due to a failed alternator to a mechanic and pay the costs by cashier’s check.

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