What if Volkswagen decided to make an ID.3 convertible? 4

After presenting the T-Roc Cabriolet to us a little over a year ago, the German firm seems to want to continue to please fans of discoverable vehicles with a convertible version of the ID.3. Dream or reality ? Nothing is certain yet.

Volkswagen wants more customers to be interested in purchasing the all-new ID.3 electric sedan. The German manufacturer recently launched a more affordable version, which offers the same range as the base model but slightly less powerful. It turns out that a very surprising derivative of the ID.3 could join the lineup in the future. Ralf Brandstätter, CEO of Volkswagen Passenger Cars, has just released a rendering revealing a hypothetical discoverable ID.3, in a LinkedIn post. If he admits that “Volkswagen’s design team has already sketched out some initial ideas”, it seems that the final decision has not yet been made.

Apparently the engineers and designers of the company “Are still thinking about how to turn this attractive concept into reality”. We don’t know how many modifications to the construction of the vehicle will be necessary for the ID.3 to lose its roof, but we are sure it is not an easy task. Along with Brandstätter’s post comes a rendering, giving a preview of what the ID.3 Convertible might look like.

In the footsteps of the T-Roc Cab?

From what we’re seeing, the EV could lose its rear doors when transitioning to a discoverable model and that would mean the ID.3’s bodywork will have to be heavily reworked. “An ID.3 convertible? It sounds appealing enough: enjoying nature with the roof removed, with the instantaneous power of electricity and all in silence. It could provide an entirely new and extraordinary feeling of freedom ”, says Brandstätter in the LinkedIn post.

However, it looks like the german executive is just teasing us with the idea of ​​an ID.3 convertible, just to keep the focus on this brand new auto. In our eyes, that might indeed make this model sexier, but the chances of seeing it on the production lines are very slim. If you like it too, be sure to let Volkswagen know because its CEO really wants to hear from you.