What if Renault made Apple's car? 4

Against all expectations, Renault could tackle all other brands for the manufacture of the future Apple car.

In recent days, Apple’s car project has been causing a stir again. Why ? Because a hallway noise evoked a big rapprochement between the giant of the American hi-tech industry and the Korean group Hyundai-Kia. The object of a reconciliation? The manufacture of an electric automobile designed in close collaboration with Apple.

The smartphone and computer specialist would indeed seek to forge a large-scale technical partnership, just to prepare for mass production of its automotive project. But the discussions would have turned upside down between the two entities. A few hours later, it is the name of Nissan which agreed to manage the construction of this Apple Car. What if this collaboration involved an important role for the Renault brand?

An Apple car by Renault?

This is precisely the speculation dared by analysts of JP Morgan. As surprising as it may seem, the latter believe that the Renault brand represents the ideal partner for Apple, because it already has a solid experience of collaborations with other brands (in particular with Daimler-Benz). But at the rate where rumors are going on this subject, we will still wait until we have a little more concrete elements before seriously imagining an Apple car designed in direct collaboration with Nissan and Renault …