An artist and a YouTuber have teamed up to imagine the F1 engine minivan of the 21st century.

The Renault Espace F1 should only bea fun publicity stunt, but it has become completely cult. In 1994, Renault wanted to celebrate its success as an engine manufacturer in F1 (with the Williams team, in particular), and asked Matra, which manufactures the Espace, to create a minivan with an F1 V10.

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Alpine A521: front

The hull and general appearance of the Espace II then serve as a basis, but underneath, everything is crazy: the Renault V10 and the rear axle of an F1 Williams are enthroned. in the middle of the passenger compartment, where four passengers are strapped in carbon buckets.

A “render” to dream …

Despite only one copy produced (plus a rolling model for trade shows), and very few outings, this crazy project is quickly became an icon of the brand. 27 years later, it still inspires dreams. To the point of inspiring the youtuber Laurent Schmidt, who decides to draw a modern version, which would then be based on a Space V. He then entrusted his sketches to a 3D artist, Alexandre Gouraud, who was in charge of model the whole very realistically.

The sides are much wider, with an air outlet reminiscent of the original. In front, the shield is largely emptied to make breathe mechanics. The rear accommodates a diffuser, a large spoiler, and openings to cool the whole. We can therefore imagine it being powered by an F1 turbo hybrid V6, as Mercedes does with its AMG One supercar. A good way to remember Renault’s success in F1 (even if they have become rarer in recent years), but also to promote an area weakened by the SUV boom.

… And in real life soon!

But if we doubt that Renault will one day embark on this successor, good news for F1 Space lovers : a replica is in the works! Franck Galiègue, from the Movie Cars Central collection, has embarked on the construction of a V10 minivan, which this time will be manufactured by Ligier, and not Matra. You can follow his project on his YouTube channel:

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