What do we know about the McLaren Artura, expected on February 17? 4

The future of the McLaren “Sports Series” will be revealed in detail in mid-February. Aside from its baptismal name and its use of advanced hybridization, we still know almost everything about the replacement for the 540 and 570. Two weeks before the curtain rises, the Artura has only revealed two figures: its power and its electric autonomy .

The family of sports “affordable” McLaren begins to show the weight of years. Even though the 570S hasn’t aged a bit when it comes to performance and efficiency, the obsession with hybridization has taken hold, even in Woking … and the renewal of the Sports Series range will therefore inevitably involve an element of electrification.

The technical basis of the 540C, 570S and GT will therefore be replaced by a new platform, mainly made of carbon, called MCLA (McLaren Carbon Lightweight Architecture). It will indeed be limit damage to the hybrid system … grafting batteries, an electric motor and the peripherals that go with them is hardly compatible with a truly purist approach to performance. What McLaren will certainly endeavor to contradict on the night of February 16 to 17, at 1 a.m. in France, the scheduled time for the newcomer’s press conference. The only concrete information to date: she will be called Artura.

Downsizing and increasing weight?

Drawing on its feedback from hypercars P1 (the manufacturer’s first production hybrid), Speedtail, and Formula 1, McLaren developed a plug-in hybrid powertrain that would only generate relatively little overweight compared to a 570S. McLaren mentions an increase of around 40 kg … and a electric autonomy of about 30 km.

Above all, the thermal part would abandon the twin-turbo V8 in favor of a V6 of much smaller displacement. The combined power would amount to just over 600 hp, compared to the 570 hp of the 570S and derivatives. A sign of the times, let’s bet that the CO2 topic also occupies a lot of speaking time during the conference … At McLaren, some would never have believed it would come to this.