Watch the Mini GP slap a lot bigger than it does 4

In a straight line, it is important not to rub shoulders with the extreme version of the small Mini.

The Mini is a city car. As such, it is naturally positioned under the compact in terms of price and performance. But the GP version of this Mini has a 2.0-liter four-cylinder turbo pushed to 306 horsepower. An absolute power record for a car in this category, far ahead of the already very powerful Toyota GR Yaris (261 hp) and barely behind the Honda Civic Type R, a very powerful compact.

Video of the Mini vs. the Civic Type R

This very nervous little Englishwoman, helped by a mass limited to the maximum with her interior of only two places, bangs with an incredible force in a straight line. Admittedly, it cannot work miracles on a stopwatch lap. But in a standing start race with no turns, it became the best performing traction in the world. And from far away!

A slap in the face of the Honda Civic Type R

Seeing a Mini GP beat a Toyota GR Yaris on this exercise isn’t all that surprising (thank you for the power-to-weight ratio and the semi-slicks which help it get the power a bit through at the start). But watching her leave behind a Honda Civic Type R (also on slicks) known for its performance is more confusing …