VW's SUV Coupé to arrive in Europe at the end of the year 3

The German automaker is using its annual press conference to confirm that its new Coupé SUV, the Nivus, will arrive in Europe in the fourth quarter of 2021.

First launched in South America and Mexico in 2020, the Volkswagen Nivus will therefore be well marketed in Europe as well. Take-off scheduled for the fourth quarter of 2021. But we do not yet know which countries will be affected. Volkswagen having indicated that only certain markets will be able to benefit from it. We imagine that it will be mainly intended for Eastern Europe. However, nothing is lost for us.

As a reminder, the Nivus is a compact SUV Coupé using the platform of the small T-Cross. But with 4.26 m long, it exceeds its big brother the T-Roc by more than 3 cm. Moreover, Volkswagen took the opportunity to indicate that it would be followed closely by a restyling of the T-Roc precisely.

Sporty and dynamic

Volkswagen presents it as “a sporty and dynamic SUV”. Doesn’t that remind you of another model? Indeed, Renault has just presented the Arkana. Another Coupe SUV of the same spirit. It was initially launched in South Korea and Russia.