Volvo offers a small update to its bestseller, the XC60. On the menu for the SUV: some aesthetic alterations and new technologies.

Small update for the XC60. Volvo’s new bestseller SUV benefits from some improvements at the start of the year. These are mostly technological.

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A new infotainment system for the XC60

Model year 2022 notably wins new Android-based infotainment system, integrating Google applications and services, such as Google Maps, Google Assistant and the Google Play Store.

“This next-generation, intuitive infotainment system offers customers unparalleled possibilities for customization and connectivity, further enhanced by the introduction of an all-new digital service package, the Digital Connect Pack,” Volvo says.

Small cosmetic touch-ups

On the design side, it’s not obvious, but the Swedish manufacturer says it has retouched its SUV. The (slight) evolutions are in particular at the level of the grille and the front and rear bumpers.. At the same time, new body colors and new rim designs appear while on board Volvo introduces new materials.

New driving aids

Finally, the XC60 is full on safety since it is equipped with the latest platform of ADAS (Advanced Driving Assistance Systems) sensors, an active safety system consisting of a set of radars, cameras and ultrasonic sensors. The SUV is thus equipped with the detection of other road users, automatic braking in the event of danger, collision prevention and adaptive cruise control with intelligent driving assistance.

Volvo XC60 model year 2022 to go into production at the end of May.

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