Volkswagen gives a first glimpse of a future large electric sedan with long range expected in 2026 and known today as “Project Trinity”.

After launching its new electric range ID. with the compact sedan ID.3 and the SUV ID.4, Volkswagen quickly counts expand its catalog of zero-emission vehicles. The German manufacturer wants to launch a new electric model every year. His goal : that electricity represents 70% of its sales in Europe by 2030.

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Thus, the large SUV ID.6 will see the light of day this year. Next came the ID.5, a cut version of the ID.4, then the ID minivan. Buzz and the Aero B, a large hunting station wagon which could be renamed ID. 7. An electric city car with a still unknown name and design would also be on the program.

And that’s not all since Volkswagen has also just announced a 100% electric sedan. Known for the moment as the “Trinity Project”, this model is “the central point of the ACCELERATE strategyVolkswagen announces.

A first image of the vehicle reveals a large model, with slender lines and a sloping roofline.

Long range and level 4 autonomous driving

The car, which will be based on a completely new architecture, “will establish new standards in terms of autonomy, speed of recharging and digitization. “, promises the firm.” It will also be able to offer autonomous driving level 4VW adds.

See you in 2026

But his arrival on the roads is not yet for now. Its standard version will not be produced until 2026, at the Volkswagen plant in Wolfsburg, Germany.

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