According to its boss Ralf Brandstaetter, Volkswagen will not develop new heat engines, and will focus on cars with electric motors.

In an interview with the German magazine Automobilwoche, the CEO of Volkswagen announced that there will be no no new generation of heat engines on the brand’s models.

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On the other hand, Volkswagen will continue to develop its current petrol and diesel engines, to prepare them for new Euro 7 standards. “We will still need them for a while, and they will need to be as efficient as possible.”, specifies Ralf Brandstaetter, while adding that the profits from sales of thermal models will now be reinvested in the development of electric cars.

Volkswagen: electric vehicles will represent 70% of sales by 2030

Unsurprisingly, Volkswagen is thus following the strategy of Audi, which announced a few days ago that it did not want to develop new thermal engines, but to continue to adapt the current generation to new antipollution standards, in order to equip future Audi A4s, A6 and Q5.

During the presentation of its “Accelerate” plan, Volkswagen announced that electric models would represent 70% of its sales in Europe by 2030, while in the United States and China, the market share would approach 50%. . The launch of the ID family of electric vehicles, in which we find the new Volkswagen ID.3 and ID.4, will help meet these objectives.

Previously, Volkswagen had planned to launch a new and final thermal platform in 2026, and which was scheduled to be operated until 2040. With these recent announcements, this program now appears to have been abandoned.

Source: Automobilwoche

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