The Dutch branch of Volkswagen presented this tribute to the Polo Arlequin of the 1990s.

The Volkswagen Polo Arlequin, you have probably already seen it: this colorful city car saw its body panels replaced by a mixture of four colors, in the 1990s. And to celebrate the 25th anniversary of this legendary Volkswagen, the Dutch branch of the brand has decided to revive it, in a unique copy.

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In 1994, when the Polo was launched, Volkswagen wanted to highlight the modularity of its body panels. Hence the brilliant idea of ​​showing a version with panels of mixed colors, in homage to an advertisement for the Beetle dated 1964. It was then produced in 20 demonstration copies.

But this cheerful Polo became a great popular success, so much so that Volkswagen decided to produce it in a limited series in 1995. A total of 3,806 Polo Arlequin were produced, sold mainly in Germany.

The surprise with the purchase!

Funny thing, Polo Arlequin buyers weren’t sure when ordering what exactly their car was going to look like. Indeed, to produce a Harlequin, Volkswagen builds 4 Polo of different colors (red, green, yellow, blue), then mixes their body panels according to a pre-determined pattern. At the end of the process, four mixtures of different colors come out of the chains, with the “original” painting of each example visible at the level of the roof, the engine bay, or the door sills.

And when ordering his Arlequin Polo, a buyer could not choose which of these 4 variations he would receive: a surprise effect that fits well with the whimsical spirit of this very special edition.

No new production on the menu

Since then, the Polo Arlequin has become a real collector, highly sought after by enthusiasts. And unfortunately, the new version will remain only a single copy, created in the Netherlands for the 25 years of the multicolored city car. Maybe if the manufacturer receives enough requests, a small series could emerge, like in 1995? We can always dream of a touch of madness that wouldn’t hurt Volkswagen.