Volkswagen is offering its new Golf a new application dedicated to football: “We Score”.

This is news that will delight Golf owners who are passionate about football. Volkswagen launches on its eighth-generation compact a new application dedicated to football. Her name : “We Score“.

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Completely free, this one will allow the lovers of the round ball to follow all the news of their favorite sport directly from the cockpit of their vehicle!

Users can choose three clubs and a national team and follow them in all their competitions. “, explains Volkswagen.

Scores, rankings, news …

“In addition to live scores (similar to those fans are used to using their smartphone apps), the rankings and the football news are now also displayed in the application “,” so as not to distract the driver “, specifies the German manufacturer.” All this information can also be read thanks to the text-to-speech function “, adds the brand.

To follow all the competitions

“We Score” covers the first two divisions and the main cup of the country concerned, but also the European Cups (Champions League and Europa League) and the European Championship which was postponed from summer 2020 to summer 2021 due to the current health crisis and of which Volkswagen is a partner.

“We Score” is available on the “Discover Pro” and “Discover Media” infotainment systems.

Discover the Volkswagen Golf “We Score” application on video.

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