Volkswagen announces that its future electric Combi, called ID.Buzz and expected on the market in 2022, will be the group’s first model to be fully autonomous. It will be in 2025.

Here is the ID.Buzz, the Combi 2.0, a modern and 100% electric reinterpretation of the legendary Volkswagen van. The German manufacturer, which presented the vehicle as a concept car in 2017, puts it back in the spotlight today by announcing that its future production version, expected on the market in 2022, will be fully autonomous … from 2025.

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“The 100% electric ID.Buzz will be the first Volkswagen Group vehicle to also drive autonomously. “, announced the firm in a press release. The supervisory board approved the means necessary for the development of the technology, added the mark.

This year we will be conducting field trials in Germany for the first time., using the autonomous driving system of Argo AI on a version of the future ID. Buzz “, explained Christian Senger, Director of Development for Autonomous Driving.

Argo AI is a company specializing in autonomous driving software platforms in which Ford and Volkswagen have recently invested equally.

Autonomous for carsharing and carpooling

“The objective is to develop a car-sharing and carpooling concept similar to what MOIA currently offers. By the middle of the decade, our customers will be able to be driven to their destinations by autonomous vehicles in select cities, ”added the leader.

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