Volkswagen hides an even nastier Golf 8 R from us 3

The Golf 8 R has barely started its career, but Volkswagen is obviously preparing to concoct an even more powerful version. As if 320 hp weren’t enough, the most powerful production Golf ever produced might not stay that way for long.

The leak is serious, the source is reliable since it comes directly … from the Golf 8 user manual! By stopping on the last pages where the list of engines appears, we discover that the 2-liter TSI 330 hp of the Golf R is not the most powerful block displayed.

Strangely, an additional table appears just below, announcing a evolution of this engine increased to 245 kW. Or 333 hp exactly. The maximum torque would remain a priori unchanged, still set at 420 Nm.

A Golf R “Cup”?

Nothing has in any case filtered for the moment on the Volkswagen side, especially not its name. R Cup, R Plus … Not even the exact content of this model: would it simply be an additional pack to gain a handful of horses, or a true more radical version of the Golf R , like the GTI Clubsport compared to the classic GTI? In this case, it will be necessary to expect a relief cure.

As a reminder, Volkswagen has just opened orders for the Golf 8 R, which starts at € 50,260 in France (excluding penalties). Another reminder of numbers, for all practical purposes: the 0 to 100 km / h is shot in 4.7 s, and the top speed set at 250 km / h can be raised to 270 km / h for the € 2,120 of the R-Performance pack. Which already makes it the fastest Golf ever.