Volkswagen Golf

Who could seriously imagine a Lamborghini compact in the Volkswagen Golf class?

Lamborghini sells extreme sports cars and ultra-sporty SUVs. But the Italian manufacturer is also part of the Volkswagen group, which allows it to draw generously from the German giant’s organ bank. This is why the Urus, for example, has a chassis base identical to that of the Porsche Cayenne and other Audi Q8s. And that the Huracan shares its chassis and its naturally aspirated V10 engine with the Audi R8.

But these group synergies have their limits: no one would imagine Lamborghini taking advantage of the situation to design a compact sports car like the Golf GTI.

A crazy crossing

Andras veres still had fun virtually gluing a Lamborghini Urus front end on a seventh-generation Volkswagen Golf GTI. What to imagine the ultimate compact sports car, for example with an Audi five-cylinder turbo pushed to more than 500 horsepower (and an all-wheel-drive favoring the return of power to the rear axle). At least she would sing almost like the Italian brand’s V10 …