The new 320 horsepower Volkswagen Golf R has been tested on the German Autobahn to see what’s in it!

Launched in January 2021 on the French market, the new Golf R was recently tested on the German Autobahn. As a reminder, this is the most powerful and efficient Golf ever built.

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It is powered by a 2.0-liter turbo four-cylinder engine which now delivers 320 horsepower. Car price: more than 50,000 € !

Faster than expected

In the video, before heading to theAutobahn, the German youtuber Automann takes advantage of a clear portion of the road to perform some acceleration tests: results, the 0 to 100 km / h is shot down in just 4.33 seconds, or a time less than the manufacturer digits (4.7 seconds)!

For maximum speed, the same observation: while the brand promises 270 km / h, the Golf R’s counter displays nearly … 290 km / h ! Quite a difference. As a reminder, the car is initially restricted to 250 km / h. To take advantage of the “270 km / h” announced in V-max, you must opt ​​for the pack R-Performance optional, billed just over € 2,000.

In reality, the figures announced by the meter are slightly erroneous, as specified by an on-board GPS which calculates the real speed on the ground. Recorded measurement: 276 km / h, that is to say only 6 km / h more than announced and far from the 290 km / h counter.

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