As the latest generation BMW M4 is about to hit the streets, it’s time to see how it looks next to its predecessor, the M4 from F82.

Surprise, the grille is even more visible! If this huge double bean has already caused enough controversy, we must recognize that we only see that when we put an old M4 next to the all new generation. Thanks to this comparison of BMWBlog, we also notice all the other changes of look, but especially this one. As you will probably agree, the design differences between the two are obvious and to our eyes, it’s also pretty easy to decide which one is more beautiful.

The new BMW M4 presented is painted in Sao Paulo Yellow while the old M4 sports its launch color named “Austin Yellow”. Seeing them next to each other, it feels like the new M4 doesn’t come from the same world. Its imposing grille still fails to seduce us even if it must be admitted that with this grille and this M badge, it is slightly less aggressive on the eyes than on a classic 4 Series. Only the new, more elegant optics seduce us.

Resolutely more sporty?

The new generation also stands out with its new, sportier and larger air intakes. For its part, the M4 F82 includes smaller openings and softer lines on its front bumper. The design differences continue at the rear as the previous generation M4 has much larger taillights than the new one.

The rear bumper of the new car is also a bit simpler but sports an equally imposing diffuser. Both cars have 4 tailpipes at the same location. While most enthusiasts have expressed their disgust with the new M4’s design, the real sign of its popularity will depend on its sales numbers. After all, BMW has repeatedly stated that it is committed to this bold new styling language.